Tips to Avoid Being Charged for Drink Driving

In Australia, driving while under the influence of alcohol and exceeding the allowable limit can land in you legal trouble. Drink driving is usually treated as a serious road traffic offence because it puts the life of the driver, his/her passengers and other road users in danger. For that reason, it is important for every driver to avoid the temptation of sitting behind the wheel while they are intoxicated with too much alcohol. Here are a few helpful tips you can use to avoid being booked for drink driving and also contribute to improved road safety.

Drink responsibly

Drink driving laws do not exist to prevent you from enjoying beer, vodka, whisky, tequila or any other type of alcoholic beverage you love. These laws simply outlaw driving while you are under the influence of excessive alcohol! What this essentially means is that you can walk into a bar, consume alcohol and drive away, provided you do not get too drunk. You may be asked by the traffic police to pull over the side of the road and take a breathalyser test. But this should not worry you if you did not overindulge yourself. Alternatively, you can buy alcohol at a liquor store and drink from home. Just make sure not to consume any alcohol when inside the car.

Elect a designated driver

If you are going out to drink with a group of friends, make sure you choose who will do the driving before you head out. That person should not drink any alcohol during the merrymaking—this may be the right time to ask a friend who does not drink alcoholic beverages to tag along. Once you are done enjoying yourselves, the designated driver will make sure to safely drop each one of you home. This way, you will avoid being charged for drunk driving.

Use a taxi

Not having a designated driver is not an excuse for drunk driving. If you will be drinking alone, and there's nobody you can call to come pick you up, it is a prudent idea to call for a taxi. Most alcohol-selling joints often assist their customers to access taxi service. So you can always ask the staff working there to call one on your behalf. It is better to leave your car parked there for the night and pick it up the next day—driving yourself home under the influence of excess alcohol could be a deathtrap.

Should you find yourself on the wrong side of the law because of committing a drink driving offence, do not accept culpability—contact your drink driving lawyer right away.

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