Choosing a good lawyer for you

Whether you're dealing with an employment dispute, a corporate law case, or minor or major criminal charges, hiring a good lawyer to defend you should be your priority. While the common stereotype lists attorneys as money hungry and heartless, an efficient and professional lawyer will wisely and passionately dedicate their time and resources to ensure you get the best possible legal protection that you're entitled too. That said, since many commercial lawyers charge significantly high fees and a drained wallet simply adds to the already intense stress of having to face a court of law, shopping around for someone who is both skilled and affordable is worth the effort. When looking for a suitable attorney, consider the following points.

What kind of attorney do you need?

Hiring an attorney who specialises in whatever area of law you're dealing with is a good step. This is because a specialised commercial lawyer will generally have more experience with and knowledge about the relevant laws than an attorney who deals with a wider array of disputes. An attorney specialising in property law, for example, would be a great option if you're dealing with a housing or rental issue, while a criminal lawyer would obviously be ideal for conflicts concerning criminal law. 

Compare and contrast as many attorneys as possible

While the temptation to go with the first lawyer you come across may be high because you just want the process to be over, taking your time to sift through and assess the alternatives available could mean the difference between winning or losing your case. When searching for a lawyer, start by going through lawyer directories and contacting your local bar offices for recommendations. After compiling your list, it's wise to check every potential attorney's website, contact their references and focus on their credentials and case history. Not every lawyer goes about charging for their services the same way, so comparing how different lawyers handle legal fees could save you some money as well. 

What to look for in a lawyer?

After narrowing down your list, you should go and pay a face-to-face visit to the lawyers remaining. This will not only help you see what kind of person they are and whether you'd be comfortable working with them, but also gives you an insight into their personal office space. When interviewing each lawyer, be sure to enquire about their work proficiency, previous successes and losses, and general availability to work on your case. Often times, lawyers working privately may be able to give your case more focus than large law firms. You want your lawyer to be professional, dedicated, and passionate about your case. 


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