Divorce Proceedings | 3 Ways To Your Hold Your Head High In A High Stakes Divorce

Going through a divorce is one of the hardest things you'll have to go through in your life, but you need to ensure that you get everything you deserve because the stakes are usually high, whether it comes to finances or getting custody of your kids. While emotions like frustration and anger are common for your situation, keep a cool head and hold it high with these tips.

Keep Track Of Receipts And Records Of Assets Purchased To Get What Is Rightfully Yours

If you've made certain expensive purchases like cars, antiques, paintings and furniture, you may want to look for these receipts and records to prove your purchase, especially if you bought them before you were married because you may be able to hold on to them. If you and your partner have bought certain assets together, you'll want to get proof of the purchases so that you can claim part of what is rightfully yours.

You will also need to get access to different records that you hold with your ex-partner. For instance, you will need to get access to financial statements, bank statements, loan statements, credit histories, wills, existing properties, tax returns and much more so that your lawyer can help you get everything you're entitled to. It's important that you keep a calm head and consider everything that you share with your partner so that you don't miss out on any assets in the process.

Get On Top Of Your Finances

If your partner was handling your finances, it's time for you to take charge — even if you've never done it before. Your first step should be to close any joint accounts and open an individual account to ensure that any money you earn from now onward will be just yours. Stop all joint investments like shares and managed funds, and open up individual investments for your own benefit.

Change Your Maiden Name Without Any Delay

If you've changed your surname to your married one, you probably will want to go back to your maiden surname as quickly as possible so that you can retain your dignity and individual character. If you decide to change your surname back to your maiden one, be sure to let all the authorities know through written communication and proof. You will need to notify the utility departments, real estate agent (if you're renting), internet company and your state's driving license authority. Once you change your name, you can start on a clean slate without the baggage of your divorce following you around.

Talk with your lawyer to learn more about aspects of family law that you may need to navigate as you handle your divorce.

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