How to Ensure That You Can Sell Your Home with As Little Hassle As Possible

Do you have little ones on the way, or are your parents getting to an age where it's going to be difficult for them to live on their own? If so, you may be thinking about expanding your home space and looking for a new property. Of course, finding that ideal and larger home is only part of the process, because you have to get rid of your current building as well. How can you make it easier to sell your existing home and not put buyers off in the process?

Gathering Your Team

One of the first things to do is to get the best quality professional help. This will mean choosing a real estate agent who is a member of the Australian Institute and finding a professional conveyancer, like one from Johnson & Sendall, to help you cope with all the documentation.

Being Realistic

You need to be realistic when it comes to setting the potential price for your house and you may find it helps if you get an independent valuation. Certainly, you can build in an amount to help you during the negotiation process, but don't hold things up by aiming too high.

Are You Allowing Enough Money?

You should advertise your property far and wide in order to reach as many potential prospects as you can. This will involve an element of marketing and you have to figure in the costs to your budget.

Assessing Your "Look"

Make sure that your house is ready before it even goes on the market. This means that you have to repair anything that needs to be done and don't forget the outside, as the "curb appeal" of your property has to make a crucial, first impression. Don't just stop at the cosmetic appeal, either and have a very critical look at all of your furniture, fixtures and fittings. Certainly, most of these elements will not be included in the sale, but it's amazing how poor design, layout or condition can simply turn people off from the bigger picture value.

Are You Ready?

Always remember that you have to be ready for a quick sale, as it could certainly happen. You may come across somebody who is very motivated and wants to move in as soon as possible. Therefore, make sure that you have your arrangements in order if you need to quit and move somewhere else. This may mean temporary accommodation while you close on your larger property.

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