What to Do About Property and Estate Issues After Your Spouse's Death

Losing a spouse is one of the most painful and confusing things one can go through in life. Unfortunately, for some people, it is only the beginning of their troubles, especially if they are wealthy and estranged family members, unscrupulous business partners, and others are looking to profit. Here's what you should do.

Get a Lawyer

Most wealthy people have a family lawyer or a team, but you might find it necessary to get yourself another lawyer. It is important to put your interests and those of your children first and only a good family lawyer can do that. Since you are grieving, a lawyer will be the one to fight all the people coming after your estate and do any investigation necessary. Get recommendations for a family or real estate lawyer from friends and family.

Find the Will

There are high chances that your spouse has a will even if they might not have told you about it. Check the safe in the house, safe deposit box at the bank or in the office if no one else seems to know where the will is kept. A written will can make the job easy because it clearly outlines what property or money belongs to who so people can stop fighting.

Get a Support Team

Even with a will, the chances are that things will get ugly. In the event there is no will, be ready for a long court battle with more than one person coming for you. This can be pretty traumatizing, and you need all the support you can get. Get your relatives, especially siblings, to help out at home and ask reliable friends for moral support. 

Seek Counseling

In the midst of all the drama that happens after and during the funeral, it can be hard to mourn and grieve a loved one. However, as things cool down, you will realize grief is hitting you slowly or all at once. Counseling is a recommended way to deal with the aftermath of a spouse's death, and it can give you tools to cope with the stages of grief.

Losing a spouse isn't something anyone would wish for. However, when it sadly happens, you have to be ready to face the challenges that lie ahead, especially concerning your property. Get a good family lawyer that you can trust to help ensure that you don't have deal with the blows that come from in-laws and other parties interested in your husband's estate.

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