How Social Media Can Be a Problem Following a Separation

History may show that the advent of social media was a turning point in life across Australia. Many people do not fully grasp its implications right now, as some recent and high-profile legal issues have shown in the USA and elsewhere. Yet while these very popular websites may have ramifications for business and politics, they may also be crucial at a micro level in the lives of individuals. This is particularly the case when it comes to two people who have decided to cohabit and to share their lives together, as their presence on social media may be analysed very carefully during future events. What could go wrong here?

Informal - to an Extent

When two people fall in love they may commit to spending the rest of their lives together, albeit informally. They may not get married in the traditional sense but may move under the same roof and pretend as if they were. After all, informality is easier to deal with and there is less red tape. However, this is all well and good when times are rosy, but many of these relationships will, unfortunately, begin to break down. This is when challenges can arise and for one or other of these individuals, it can get very costly indeed.

The Price of Separation

In life, arguments can develop and become so far-reaching that they can push two former lovers apart to the point where they want to separate. When this happens, there may be arguments over finances and who gets what and, fundamentally, whether one should support the other going forward. If one of them was classified as a traditional breadwinner and paid most of the bills, they may be expected to continue doing so to an extent.

Under the Spotlight

Many of these matters can come in front of a court of law and will be judged as de facto, but in many respects will be treated as if they were a traditional marriage.

To begin with, the court will look at any commitments made to long-term contracts or the establishment of a joint bank account. Crucially, however, they may also look at social media accounts to see how these individuals portrayed themselves to the rest of the world. One of them may argue that they were simply good friends and not, therefore, liable to pay any money in the future. The court may see this differently by looking through any posts, tweets and other proclamations and this is why it's important to treat social media very carefully in modern times.

What to Do Next

If you're uncertain of your position following a break up like this and are not sure how the courts will view your situation, talk with a family lawyer for further advice.

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